Get your nets ready to catch a .fish!

Something fishy is happening on the Internet…
Holy Shrimp! This scampi happening! Put your fins together for the release of .fish – the latest in the stream of new web address endings to be released for sale on the Internet.
The new web address ending is ideal for aquariums, fisheries, angling clubs or even chippies. Not to mention bait shops – we can already hear Alf Stewart shouting ‘stone the flamin’ crows’ from here.
So, to celebrate the release, we thought we’d compile a list of fishy facts. Enjoy…
Disclaimer: starfish and jellyfish are not technically fish but may be included in these fish facts.

  • The oldest known fish in the world is an Australian lungfish – In 2003 it was the ripe old age of 65.
  • Electric eels and rays have enough electricity to kill a horse.
  • Most fish can taste the water around them from the thousands of taste buds all over their bodies.
  • Men were making fish hooks 42,000 years ago, we know because one was found and dated.
  • You can tell a fish’s age by the rings in their scales, much like a tree.
  • Sailfish are the cheetahs of the water. They can swim up to 65 miles per hour.
  • There are 32,000 different fish species and scientists are finding more every year.
  • Male seahorses hold fertilized eggs in a tiny pouch until they are ready to hatch.
  • You can teach fish to play football. Don’t believe it? Check out the football playing fish at Midphase’s sister company UK2.

To get your own .fish web address visit the Midphase website.