Domain Privacy Protection

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Domain Privacy Protection

After weeks of relentless searches on the rocky banks of useless TLD’s and constant brainstorms you finally found the perfect domain name. Yes, you believe this is theone?, the domain of the century, the crown jewel, and the rarest of finds. It was hidden away deep off the coast in the forest of .com’s perfectly preserved under mountains of creative word combinations waiting for you to give it the breath of life. You quickly go to midPhase.com to register your additional domain all the while looking over your shoulder making sure that no one attempts to steal your newly found treasure. Once registered you tuck it safely inside your horde of domains. You are waiting for the perfect economic weather to launch your domain off the port of obscurity and direct its course into the deep waters of hosting. The only problem is that in your excitement to charter new waters you forgot to protect yourself from pirates. Yes, there are scammers, spammers, fraudsters, hackers, thieves, and trolls out there that want to steal and plunder upon your treasured .com. You soon realize that without provocation you are under attack because you failed to protect yourself by adding domain privacy.

What is domain privacy protection?

Simply put, this is a service provided by midPhase and many registrars to protect the domain owner’s personal information. This protects the registrant from having their personal contact information displayed to the public. Whenever you register a domain your contact information associated with that domain is displayed in the WHOIS database.

Why do I need domain privacy protection?

Privacy protection substitute’s generic information in place of the details associated with the domain registrant (you). If your domain has privacy protection services then your personal contact details will not be displayed in the public WHOIS database. Domain privacy helps protect you primarily against spammers or identity thieves who would use your personal information for personal gain or unsolicited purposes.

How do I sign up for domain privacy protection?

Domain privacy is available not only at signup but can be added to any of your existing domains at any time. Simply log into your midPhase account to add domain privacy protection. This service is extremely affordable and is well worth the investment.

If you have any questions about how to add domain privacy or how it works please feel free to contact us 24/7 and one of our representatives would be happy to assist you.

Happy Sailing!

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