Design Your Own Mario World Wallpaper

Attention lovers of all things Mario, Luigi and Yoshi! You can now create your own Mario World Wallpaper.
Is your desktop looking plain? If so, why not create your own Super Mario World wallpaper! Nintendo have released a Japanese-only app that allows users to drag and drop their favorite obstacles and create a unique background for your desktop or mobile device.
You can try out the Super Mario Maker here.
We need to warn you that the site is in Japanese, but really the steps are so simple that anyone can use it. When you enter the site, it will ask you to choose a size. Once you are ready to design your wallpaper, click around the buttons to make sure that you know what they do. When I finished my first Mario masterpiece I accidentally deleted it by selecting the wrong button.
When you are done it should look a little like this:
But if the original Mario Bros. isn’t your preferred game, you can change it to the more modern Super Mario World through the dropdown menu.
You can select different environments from Super Mario Bros. 1, 3, World, and New Super Mario Bros. U versions of the game. When you are finished, you can save the image as a wallpaper or share your creation on Twitter or Facebook. The app was created using the same tools at the popular Wii game Super Mario Maker that enables you to create your own Super Mario levels to share with your friends.

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