Could A Facebook Quiz Boost Your Sales?

We’ve all taken a minute to see what cartoon character we could be or what we might have done in our past lives, but did you know a Facebook quiz can boost your conversion rates too?
It isn’t always easy to come up with new content for your ecommerce site. Once you cover the basic how-to’s and the current events of your company, the creative content well tends to run dry. Have you ever considered adding a quiz to boost social media traction?
A quiz? Really?
Facebook quizzes are a quick and easy way to boost click through rates, conversions and sales. Imagining how a quiz to find your soulmate can translate directly into sales might seem baffling, so let’s explain:
Pushing your products via social media all the time can be disengaging, but a quiz can allow your readers to explore your inventory without realizing they are being sold to. For example, if you run a bookstore then a quiz on literature genres can help get customers excited about reading. Alternatively, if you offer online marketing services then a quiz about which audience demographic could be a missed opportunity is very helpful.
Why a quiz?
It’s hard for small businesses to stand out on the internet. Quizzes offer interesting and engaging content that is easily shareable across social media platforms. Direct ads are receiving less and less interaction, so it’s time for marketers to get creative if they want their product in sight of customers. Quizzes can offer a direct line to consumers through interactive content without feeling too salesy.
Content company Buzzsumo state in this helpful video that 82% of people who see a quiz in their newsfeed will give it a shot. Yes, 82%! It is instinctual for individuals to want to learn more about themselves and quizzes seem to hold the key.
How do I make a quiz for my site?
Luckily we have the internet to help us with such things and creating a quiz is actually super easy if you pick the right software or application. There are a few easy (and free!) quiz generators that you can access through your Facebook account by following these steps:

  • Log into your account
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘Applications’
  • Select ‘Browse More Applications’
  • Use the ‘Search Apps’ section to browse the different quiz generators that are available

You can also choose to pay for a higher quality quiz through sites like or Make sure you research the different applications and services on offer before investing too much time and effort.
Then what?
Once you have your readers hooked with an amazing quiz exploring the depths of your industry, you can then convert them into customers with a great call to action.
Measure your conversion rates to see how successful your quiz has been. Measurable interaction can be a purchasing a product, signing up for a newsletter or completing a survey relevant to your industry. Whatever it may be, this small action needs to be directly tied to your success.

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