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Being able to easily interact with our supporters is something of great importance to us. Social media is a great way to do that! Plus, you get the latest and greatest news on web hosting and other techie content!

For easy communication, follow us on the following social media websites:

Midphase Google+

You’ll find all sorts of cool updates by following us on Google +! It is one of our newest social media networks and is full of great up-to-date news from the company and other cool news sources.  Some may wonder how Google + is different from other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.  One difference is the simplicity of separating your friends and interests into different groups called “circles.” Instead of having one jumbled group of friends, you get to put people in the group that you want them to be in.  For example, you can have one “circle” for all of your co-workers, one for all of your interests, and one for all of your other friends.   Organization at its finest!

Midphase Twitter


Twitter is a quick and simple way to communicate with the world.  We kept our twitter handle nice and simple too – @Midphase.  Not only will you hear about cool up-and-coming stuff within the company and the tech world, but you will also be able to interact with us easily! We’re always on Twitter and are happy to answer any questions/concerns that you might have.

Midphase Facebook

Ah, the beloved Facebook. It’s a useful tool to stay in touch with friends, share videos, and learn more about your interests! We are constantly posting content to keep you updated on the latest web hosting goodness; as well as other cool fun technological news.  But don’t forget that this is also a great way to communicate with us.  Just like Twitter, we are always on Facebook ready to help you out!