Celebrating OUR Veteran

Posted by Kelly Kirkham

Today the United States celebrates Veteran’s Day. A chance to reflect on those who serve our country in the armed forces and their contributions to the freedoms we enjoy.

Here at Midphase we thought we’d spend some time talking to our resident veteran, retired Navy Lt. Doug Ruegger. Doug is our senior tech support manager and has brought some incredible experience and perspectives to our company through his time as a communications officer in the military.

Doug spent 20 years in the Navy, including 10 years at sea. He was stationed in Hawaii and California, and served on 3 ships including the U.S.S. Nimitz, an aircraft carrier.

As a communications officer, he specialized in tactical communications and worked frequently with special forces teams—could talk about that too much 😉 . On board the Nimitz, Doug had the opportunity to run all comms and signals; which included overseeing the launch and recovery of aircraft and overall navigation.

In laymen’s terms, he drove a freakin’ huge boat!

While acting as the Systems Test Officer on the Nimitz, Doug says he dealt with outages on ship much like he deals with Midphase technical challenges. “I preached customer service in the Navy, you can have 364 days of everything working great, but that one day when it goes down you are on the bottom of the pile,” he describes.

In the Navy, Doug says he worked to manage all mission goals from his superiors, as well as understanding the responses of those he was interacting with. “I’ve always been able to take on challenges” he says.

Here at Midphase, our motto is “We Make Hosting Easy,” and Doug has been able to take that mission and make it happen.

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