5 Important Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Website

It’s been said that every business needs a website, and this becomes more and more true each day.
Running a small business can be tough, but a well-designed business website can help take some of the load. Many owners or managers of brick-and-mortar stores don’t see the benefit of having an accompanying website for their online customers, but even if you don’t sell products and services on the World Wide Web, a business website will pay for itself quickly.
Below are 5 important reasons why a business website can help you attract more customers and improve your bottom line:
1. Increased Visibility
Many of today’s consumers give Google a quick search before ever entering a brick-and-mortar shop. People look for addresses, reviews and coupons in their quest to become informed buyers. Without a website, many potential shoppers could walk right past your store front due to a lack of online information. It is also important to remember that any functioning business is being talked about online, whether you like it or not. It is best to drive your business’s online image by adding a well-designed website to the mix.
2. Helps Promote Brand Identity
In the early stages of running a small business it can be difficult to create a brand image. Whether it’s a lack of attention or consistency, the struggle is real. Once you’ve worked on your brand DNA and figured out “who you are”, your website is a great place to ground this persona. Creating a website for your small business can provide the basecamp for your brand that you can standardize across all of your marketing materials. Email, brochures and catalogs can collaborate in one handy location to be viewed by anyone who is looking for you.
3. Make Money While You Sleep
The internet never sleeps, and even though you have no choice but to spend a significant portion of your life sleeping, your small business website can work while you are home sawing logs. Whether website visitors are looking specifically for more information about your business or comparing multiple businesses, your business website can answer questions and point customers in the right direction even while you are snug in your bed.
4. Get In Touch With Your Clients
You can learn a lot about who is interested in your business by taking a look at the traffic on your small business website. Google Analytics can tell you where and when individuals are looking for your information, and with a small questionnaire you can ask your customers for further information you need. Once you know your customers better you’ll be able to cater their experience with your brand to their needs. A blog with a comment section can give you a chance to interact directly with individuals interested in your company, and by linking your website content to social media you can attract attention and conversation around your products and services.
5. Broaden Your Customer Base
Many businesses sell to a very specific demographic of people, but there may be individuals who are perfect customer candidates for your business that you weren’t aware of. A small business website acts as a hub for anyone and everyone who may be interested in your line of work. Through interaction and conversation you can widen the demographic of audience you are reaching, and increase your target market, increasing your profits. This seemingly small act can give business a boost and help your small business transform into an established organization.
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