FourSquare tear up and rebuild their mobile app to keep up with competitors

“Companies capture the public imagination. They become the center of attention. But it is very difficult to continue to offer an intriguing and valuable enough service for people.” ~  Susan Etlinger, Altimeter Group. The statement above comes in the wake of new tremors at FourSquare, which suggest the pioneers of location-based check-ins on mobile devices, […]

What Can You Do to Protect Yourself on Website Hosting Platforms?

It’s happened to Sony and now LinkedIn is a victim. It recently had to deal with the thorny issue of stolen passwords, which has consumed their engineering teams time and resources. “[Yesterday] we learned that approximately 6.5 million hashed LinkedIn passwords were posted on a hacker site. Most of the passwords on the list appear […]

Firefox 14 Beta promises to jack up web browser security

With recent news that Linkedin suffered a security breach that compromised over 6 million passwords, the new robust version of Firefox browser 14 Beta is a welcome development. Often the browser of choice for web developers and designers around the world, Firefox has a great reputation for locking down security for web-hungry users who consume […]

Homeland Security warns of increasing DDoS attacks on web

“When an attacker attempts to prevent legitimate users from accessing a computer resource, normally by overwhelming it with malicious traffic. By targeting a company’s Internet-connected infrastructure—its websites, portals, email, databases and more— an attack can block end users from doing business as usual” – Definition of an DDoS attack, U.S. Department of Homeland Security Computer […]

United States ranks 6th in the world in terms of web performance

Google has been gathering latency data from site speed reports in Google Analytics which suggest the United States ranks 6th in the world in terms of current web performance. Japan comes in first followed by Sweden, Canada, UK, and Germany. The data also indicates that mobile performance speeds for most sites are about 1.5x slower […]

Watch out developers! User screen resolutions just got bigger!

Attention all web developers! There appears to be enough recent data collected by analytics firms to suggest that for the first time1366 x 768 has become the most popular screen resolution worldwide, having overtaken 1024 x 768. StatCounter, a leading web analytics company, reports that since 2009, 1024×768 has been the dominant screen size globally […]

Google turns to people; not machines. SEO Stakes get higher with ‘Panda’ updates.

Nothing put more fear into top-ranked websites on Google than a search algorithm update by the world’s dominant search engine. This extends into small business websites that have hired SEO companies to boost their rankings on cheap, affordable web hosting platforms offered by Midphase. Over the last several months Google has deployed several updates code […]

Google Launches Penguin Update: Opens the Doors to Negative SEO

At a recent conference Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s webspam team announced that Google was working on an algorithm update that would level the playing field for sites that don’t participate in “over-optimization” strategies. He later clarified that “over-optimization” wasn’t the best way of putting it because it is really about webspam. According to […]

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Microsoft ARMS Windows 8 OS with a new chip architecture

If you read the book Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson you will recall a crucial moment when Apple’s mobile development team convinced Job’s to use the chip technology from ARM, rather than the Intel’s atom-based chip sets. While Intel arguably offered the fastest chips at the time they were not designed to specifically, for example, […]

Foursquare and the art of customer retention

Still on the fence as to whether your business brand or merchant service should set up a new Foursquare business page? Then consider these facts and figures compiled by Inc Magazine that may help you make a decision: 91% of all U.S. businesses do nothing to retain customers 68% of long-term customers stop buying because […]