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The big news in the office this week is that Midphase’s parent company, UK2 Group, has been recognized as a Patriot Partner.
This month, Governor Gary Herbert presented UK2 Group with a certificate, naming the company and all its brands as a Patriot Partner. The accolade was given for…
“recognizing the burdens and sacrifices endured by the men and women of our armed forces in their efforts to preserve freedom and liberty throughout the world, and for honoring veterans by extending priority, consideration, and enhanced hiring opportunities, now, and in the future.”
Being a patriot partner is a big part of UK2 Group’s philosophy. Below we look at why, and what becoming a patriot partner could do for your own business…
What is a US Patriot Partner?
The US Patriot Partner program encourages Utah businesses to hire veterans as a first choice as a way of saying ‘thank you’ to the members of our armed forces returning from serving our country on shore and off. Since June of 2011, employers have been acknowledged as Patriot Partners by pledging their support to the 2.2 million returning heroes from the world’s battlefields.
Why Hire Veterans as a Priority?
UK2 Group values the leadership and experience that our veterans show within our workplace. Beyond showing our appreciation for their selfless service, we know that veterans have more to give as employees. Armed force training instills veterans with a sharp attention to detail, the ability to work well under pressure, as well as an emphasis on safety. The capacity for accelerated learning, respect for procedures and triumph over adversity are other qualities veterans can bring to a workplace. UK2 Group celebrates our veterans as a valuable asset in our team objective in delivering the very best in web hosting for over a decade.
Get On The Road To Being a Patriot Partner
Here are a few tips to get you on your way to becoming a patriot partner yourself…
Look for a military background when reviewing resumes. Often, that alone can go much further in the workplace than a typical four year degree.
Accommodate those still serving in Guard and Reserves programs. Time spent away may impact work, but those serving will make up for lost time with increased productivity on the job.
Provide resources to actively recruit returning military personnel, you won’t regret it.
Become familiar with the VOW to Hire Heroes Act of 2011.
Learn more about the Work Opportunity Tax Credit, which is awarded to businesses that hire eligible unemployed veterans.
Learn more about employing veterans at
Keep checking the Midphase blog for an interview with veteran Doug Ruegger…