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Get the Domain You've Always Wanted

New Domain Extensions

New Domains, New Opportunities

The Internet is about to throw you a bone in the flavor of more than 700 new domain extensions that open a whole new world of possibilities!

Right around the corner, all the domain names you wanted for your established business, or that new startup you've been dreaming about, will be ripe for the picking. Don't risk losing your dream domain by signing up for the new domain extension watchlist:

  • Pre-reserve your favorite domains with no obligation.
  • Get early access to domains by signing up for the Sunrise and Landrush registration periods.
  • Receive alerts when your watchlist domains are ready for purchase.
  • Get in the queue for general availability.

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Beat the Rush and Claim Your Domain!

With a launch this big, two things will happen; excitement and confusion. Follow these easy steps to beat the rush and claim the domain you've always wanted.

Step 1: Watchlist

Create a watchlist of the domains you want to register. In the first phase, most new domains are not ready to purchase but getting a watchlist in place will help you to land that perfect domain. Once your watchlist domains are available for purchase, we'll let you know how to order the domain. Add or remove domains from your watchlist at any time by logging in and choosing "Manage Your Watchlist."

Step 2: Sunrise

If you own a registered trademark, this is your exclusive opportunity to protect your brand by getting your domains before they're offered publicly. During the Sunrise period, a non-refundable application fee will be added to your order.

Step 3: Landrush

The Landrush period is when the doors open for the general public to get early access to domains. If you haven't already applied for a domain, or you don't have a registered trademark, then Landrush is the time for you to apply for your domains. This step also involves a non-returnable fee and if multiple people apply for your same domain you will enter an auction to bid for the domain you have chosen; highest bidder wins. Not every new domain will have a Landrush phase but we'll let you know which ones do so you can decide if you want to apply.

Step 4: General Availability

Registration is now open. If you weren't able to order your domains in Sunrise or Landrush, now is your opportunity. We will work with your original watchlist to attempt to register your domains as soon as general availability opens. Make sure you pre-register all of the domains in the watchlist that you want us to register before this phase starts. We will add your pre-registered domains to the queue and hit GO the second general availability opens. Pre-registration fees for domains from your watchlist will be refunded if your domain purchase is unsuccessful.

Follow these easy steps, and we will do our best to get your domains secured. During the last major domain launch of .co, we were able to register domains with an 87% success rate.