.COM $8.99! .ONLINE $1.49! .STORE $2.99! .CO $14.99!

Why .host?

The web hosting world is about to turn on a new online axis. That’s .host. Midphase has already got their .host TLD. Now you can get yours.

Better branding: The .host part of your web address sets the scene for your business, so the rest can focus on your brand. Swap yourbrandhosting.com for yourbrand.host.



Instant recognition: A .host web address gives you on-the-spot recognition as an official member of the hosting industry.

Memorability: .coms and .us's can often get confused and switched up. .host gets straight to the point, so it sticks in the mind of customers more easily.

Usability: A .host website gives you the opportunity to shorten your web address. A yourbusinesshosting.com can become yourbusiness.host, which is easier to type.