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Upcoming Domain Registration Launches

Find the perfect domain for your next project. Hundreds of alternate web address endings have been released since 2014 and more are being released all the time to expand your horizons beyond the .com.

Midphase’s New Domain Page is your source for all information related to new Top Level Domains. We update this page as new domains are released so visit often to check the availability of the domain you’ve had your eye on.

Registration Release Dates For New Domain Extensions

The alternate domains are called new Top Level Domains and are taking over the internet. Thirty years ago the internet began with .coms, short for commerce, but as the web grew the number of available .coms dwindled until it became difficult and expensive to find a domain suitable for a new website.

New Top Level Domains have created a new market for web addresses. You can now register a domain ending in one of hundreds of options. Popular extensions include .club, .xyz, .NYC and many others.

Domain Expected General Availability Date Status New Price Description
.family1/20/2016LIVE$23.99Bringing together your .FAMILY just got much easier.
.auto1/20/2016LIVE$2,499.99Provide a platform to buy, sell and share knowledge about all things .AUTO.
.cars1/20/2016LIVE$2,499.99Private hire or car enthusiast, a .CARS is for you.
.car1/20/2016LIVE$2,499.99Park your .CAR at its own online spot.
.protection1/27/2016TBA$2,499.99Keep things safe and secure both online and in the real world with a .PROTECTION domain name.
.security1/27/2016LIVE$2,499.99Showcase your .SECURITY service with a personalized web presence.
.theatre1/27/2016TBA$699.99Place your .THEATRE in the global spotlight.
.wine1/27/2016LIVE$49.99Red, white or rose, you’ll find likeminded fans of the grape through your .WINE web address.
.vin1/27/2016LIVE$49.99Discuss the grape with the wine connoisseurs of the world with your .VIN domain name.
.cloud2/16/2016LIVE$23.99Showcase your .CLOUD services online.
.pet2/23/2016LIVE$17.99Share news and advice on the care for your furry animals with a .PET domain name.
.bet3/3/2016LIVE$17.99.BET is a favorite to be a winning domain.
.bible3/8/2016TBCN/ADiscuss interpretations, provide teaching and share your beliefs online with a .BIBLE.
.boats3/10/2016TBCN/AShow off your collection and list them for sale with your .BOATS domain name.
.mom4/26/2016TBCN/AShare your experiences with other new mothers with your .MOM domain.
.homes5/12/2016TBCN/AThe realtor in you would be crazy not to snap up a .HOMES domain name.
.vip5/16/2016TBCN/AGive your website a .VIP edge.
.motorcycles6/6/2016TBCN/AShare tips and pics of your very own .MOTORCYCLES online.
.insurance6/8/2016TBCN/AShow your customers your expertise from the start with a .INSURANCE.
.store6/14/2016TBCN/ASell to the world with your .STORE domain name.