Why Your Website Needs To Be Responsive: The Hard Evidence

Making sure your site can be viewed from mobile and tablet screens can seem intimidating and also pointless, but it is actually a simple process. If you haven’t created a responsive site yet, here is why you should care.
Building a website is a big task, and just as you finally get it exactly as you want it, you then have to consider optimizing it for tablet and mobile. We know, you spent enough time crafting what you have, do you have to go through it again? No, is the easy answer. Midphase’s Website Builder V7 can help you mobilize your site automatically so you don’t have to spend countless hours doing it yourself. Find out more from this blog post here or from the Midphase website builder page here.
If it wasn’t the technical investment you were unconvinced by, here is why you need to commit yourself to website responsiveness:
According to a recent release from Pew Research Center (or better known as the ‘experts of statistical data’) Americans are no longer sitting down with their PC, keyboard and mouse to surf the web. If fact, two-thirds are relying on their smartphones for a majority of their online services and information. Two-thirds! Let me show you what two-thirds is like if your site isn’t responsive:
Site Responsiveness 1
Site Responsiveness 2
So, as you can tell, having a responsive site is essential to having a successful internet presence. This especially holds true if your site is connected to social media via ‘like’ buttons or ‘Tweet’ icons. When you consider that 67% of social media is accessed through smartphones, if your site cannot be easily viewed through Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. it means that your hard work is wasted, and we all know to never, ever waste a follower!
What’s more Pew Research Center also states,

  • 64% of all adults own a smartphone, an increase of 35% since 2011.
  • A quarter of Americans are “smartphone-dependent”, meaning that their smartphone is their primary way of accessing the internet.
  • Smartphones are used to access almost all types of information but the top searches include: (percentages represent the % of smartphone users who have accessed the given information in the last year):
    • Health concerns (62%)
    • Banking (57%)
    • Real Estate (44%)
    • Jobs (43%)
    • Education (30%)

If you have yet to optimize your site for smartphones and tablets, then do so right now! Click here for the Midphase’s easy website builder for the quickest route to being mobile friendly. Make the most out of your website, you’ve worked hard on it!

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