Why SEO Should Still Be A Marketing Focus

Many search engine optimization naysayers claim that SEO is on its way out, and that simply creating a functioning website is enough. Here is a list explaining exactly why this isn’t true…
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the code dictated by the search engines to determine the quality of any given website. This is important to you as a website owner because your website’s SEO affects where it will appear in search engine pages. Many SEO naysayers claim that optimizing your website for search engines is no longer as important as it once was, but this is not true. Perhaps certain elements of SEO are no longer as crucial as before, or are even now frowned upon – especially black hat tricks like keyword stuffing and link buying – but SEO is as important as it ever was.  
Below are a few ideas that strongly suggest that SEO isn’t going anywhere any time soon:
Google is here to stay
There are other major search engines like Yahoo and Bing, but most will agree that Google is the mammoth that pushes SEO and other search engines to follow along. Google is constantly working to improve their algorithms to continue to provide the best web pages within their search; they have to – their reputation depends on it. This creates a cycle of SEO and Google domination.
Search is still more powerful than social media
Don’t take this the wrong way – social media is very important to any website attempting to create brand recognition. There has been a buzz of late that Facebook and Twitter will replace search engines. And while search engines offer a helpful tool to research companies, the statistics show that search engines are still employed more than social media searches. Remember, social media is a great tool to boost SEO and engagement with website visitors, but it will not replace search engine use.  
Search engines help consumers make purchase decisions
You know the drill. Before you purchase an item, you run it through a quick search engine search to compare prices, product features and availability. This is very common practice for web users before committing to a purchase. Without search engine optimization your product might not enter the race for purchase. Businesses who take SEO seriously often benefit from the results for both ecommerce websites and brick and mortar stores.  
Organic traffic is still a cheaper method of customer acquisition
Who is going to turn away free website traffic? I can’t think of a website owner who isn’t glad to accept possible leads, customers or ad revenue. SEO creates free pathways directly from search engines to your website, which is a very good thing. Think of the money you have spent attempting to attract visitors to your site, and the results you’ve gotten. A little SEO effort can create the same effect with no financial outlay and only a small amount of research – sounds like a good deal to me.
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