What You Need To Know About Domain Name Registration Cost

There are many expenses incurred when setting up a new online business, from accountancy fees to marketing budgets. Domain name registration is a minor cost entry on the debit sheet, but it is still a necessary one alongside web development and branding costs.
You can purchase numerous .com domains through Midphase for just $8.99 a year, although cars.com was recently valued at an estimated $850 million. Like champagne and vintage cars, domain name registration costs vary widely according to these factors…

A .com top level domain usually involves a premium.

The .com domain was one of a few generic TLDs available when the World Wide Web debuted in 1991. Companies scrambled to register their own domains, while avaricious investors registered as many domains as possible before reselling them at a handsome profit. Fortunately, the arrival of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN, in 1998 brought domain name registration costs back under control. Even so, a .com address is still often the priciest option.

More affordable gTLDs require a degree of caution.

If you look for a particular domain name through Midphase’s homepage search tool, you’ll see various generic top level domains listed. Most of these were introduced by ICANN after 2001 to reduce demand for the initial cluster of gTLDs. Authoritative domains like .guru and .expert tend to command higher premiums than more general terms such as .me and .club. However, consumers can be cautious about visiting a website with an unfamiliar TLD.

Multiple domains cover a variety of bases.

If you register a .com domain, it suggests your company has an international outlook. If you register a .us site, it implies a focus on domestic markets. So our suggestion is why not acquire both? Midphase’s interactive database lists dozens of domains that can be used to host independent content, or set to redirect traffic to a primary website (usually .com). However, bear in mind that domain name registration costs quickly escalate if you register multiple domains.

Prices vary according to the features you want.

Domain names can be bought with various features, such as paying a little extra to register a large number of proprietary email accounts. Midphase offers domain privacy for free with some addresses, while it’s available on others for less than $10 a year, keeping personal details off the global WHOIS database. And Midphase’s Website Builder tool enables people with no coding skills to create a dynamic website, as an alternative to a WordPress template.

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