What Does Your Coffee Say About You?

Forget reading tea leaves, the way you take your coffee can be just as revealing…

As the new web address ending .coffee goes on sale, Midphase examines what your regular coffee order says about you.


Your philosophy in life is ‘If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.’ For you, perfection is more important than deadlines. You’ve got an eye for detail and see patience as a virtue. Official psychological studies, however, suggest you can be a bit controlling.

Flat white

Flat white

You subscribe to the idea that ‘you lose if you snooze.’ You like to stay ahead of the game in all aspects of life. You’re ambitious. If you have one fault, though, it’s the fact that you find it hard to relax.


You’re a dependable and reliable person who stands by their word and is easy to trust. Critics would call you predictable. Sometimes you try too hard to please.


You’re a passionate person. You gesticulate more than most. You have a fiery temper when crossed.


Fresh brew

You’re intelligent and well-travelled. You have strong opinions on the topics you know about, but you’re not afraid to admit when you have got an idea wrong.


You’re super organised and you like to be in control. You like to be active and on-the-go, but you also like having time to yourself on a regular basis.

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