We Heart .NYC

What’s not to love about the city that sells chorizo ice cream and keeps Einstein’s eyeballs in a safety deposit box? Exactly. That’s why, in October, .NYC will be the apple of the Internet’s eye…
New York. Frank Sinatra famously sang that if you could make it there, you could make it anywhere. Almost 40 years later, the sentiment still rings true. It’s a dog eat dog world in The City That Never Sleeps, especially as far as business is concerned. You need to have almost $300,000 dollars in your piggy bank to even hire a hot dog stand in Central Park for a year. And, if you’re a restaurateur, you’ve got almost 19,000 competitors, selling everything from chorizo ice cream – that’s Old Fellows on Kent Avenue – to Chinese takeaway – 100 million takeaway boxes are used by New Yorkers every year.
But, in October, it’ll get a little bit easier to get your businesses noticed in the crowd of New York’s 8.3 million people. This is that date that the new web address ending .nyc goes on sale, which will make it easier for customers to identify you as local to NYC online.
And why wouldn’t you want to shout about your New York location from the top of the Empire State Building? New York has got a track record for being the starting place of some of the best businesses and inventions in cronutthe world. It’s the city where toilet paper was invented – a certain Joseph Geyetty was the first person to packet-up sheets of toilet tissue in 1857. More recently New York has created the Cronut – a cross between a doughnut and a croissant that was created by the Dominique Ansel Bakery.
And on top of this, New York has a million other things that the world’s other cities don’t. It’s got Albert Einstein’s eyeballs, for one thing – they’re stored in a safety deposit box in the city. It’s one of the only cities in the world where women are actually allowed by law to walk around topless. Plus, the borough of Queens is home to the world’s largest sea saw, which measures in at 25 metres long.
.NYC is available to pre-order now. You can get yours on the Midphase website. You must have a physical address in one of the five boroughs of New York City in order to be able to register for this web address ending. P O Boxes and proxy addresses don’t count.