Twitter Joins The Gaming World

Everyone loves a gamer, right? Twitter thinks so, which is why they created a gaming hub to connect users to the social media platform.
In early January 2016 Twitter launched Twitter Gaming: a hub specifically for gamers to unite and discuss all things pixelated. The social media supergiant has high hopes of tapping into the mega-industry that gaming has become, despite the fact that Twitter isn’t traditionally known as a place for games, as they quickly disabled the ability to play games straight from the Internet Archive. It was fun while it lasted though!
The page has only sent out a few dozen Tweets at this point, but its following is quickly growing, following recognition from some of the major players in the gaming world. A single Tweet got the ball rolling from @TwitterGaming stating “Let’s Tweet” and the rest is history…

2K quickly responded with a GIF welcoming Twitter to the gaming party. This should probably be seen as a quick initiation soon to be followed by many more from big names like Activision and Guitar Hero stopping by to say hello.

Whether or not this can save Twitter from its sloping numbers and poor stock reviews is yet to be seen, but it sure makes for great entertainment. Twitter’s sad stock reports have been blamed on management adjustments and are predicted to return to their normal position as the year plays out. Until we know for sure we will enjoy our daily dose of gaming in 140 characters or less.

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