Twelve Days of Christmas "Ten Lords a-Leaping"

With two days down and ten more to go, Midphase is making the most of the holiday season by celebrating The Twelve Days of Christmas one day at a time. Stay tuned as we make our way towards the big day!
Midphase loves the holiday season! And as a way of spreading holiday cheer we are providing terrific offers as we count down the minutes until Santa makes his way down the chimney. To make time pass more quickly we have taken to incorporating the English Carol “The Twelve Days of Christmas” into our wait along with a bit of silliness. Today we cover day ten with 10 Lords a-leaping.
Although the image of ten lords prancing through a meadow is very romantic, it most likely isn’t a scene you will see any time soon. Anyone who has seen any film version of a Jane Austen book can easily visualize the rows of men and women promenading (or leaping) across the ballroom floor with no distraction from television or internet.
This once common pastime, however romantic, has been replaced by the modern version of younger people in clubs, television shows like “So You Think You Can Dance?” or by the dwindling population of country line dancers. So we would like to ask, “where did all the dancing go?”
The casual practice of busting a move as a leisure activity has somehow been lost over the years for Americans. Somehow a social stigma of masculinity and ego do not mix with dancing once a man reaches a certain age, but I would disagree. The act of dancing offers dozens of physical and mental benefits, not to mention the spiritual boost one receives from cutting a rug.
Areas improved by dancing:
*Aids memory
*Improves flexibility and balance
*Reduces stress and depression symptoms
*Healthier heart
*Encourages weight loss
*Gives more energy
In years past, dancing was a natural part of courtship. Most European countries have maintained this boogie atmosphere where it’s normal to take your wife dancing once a week. Once American men and women reach their thirties they beg off dancing, claiming that it’s silly or for younger generations – this of course is not true.
Some speculate that our aversion with dancing is leftover from early ideas of Puritan condemnation or some superstitious relationship with homosexuality. But in reality if you want to see a man that all the ladies want, just visit any salsa club in Central America and look for the man with the moves and then look again at all the ladies gathered around him.
In defense of the lost art of casual dancing I make this plea: Get up of your chairs my lords, court your ladies to the dance floor, lay down that boogie, and play that funky music ‘til you die!
(Disclaimer: None of the aforementioned notes include “dad dancing” but that must be saved for another post.)
In conclusion, I would like to remind Midphase blog readers that tomorrow we will be featuring the ninth day of Christmas with  “9 Ladies Dancing”. And I would also like to give a shout out to the 10th lord who didn’t have a lady dancing partner, because we all know that it’s tough riding solo.

Happy 10th day of Christmas from Midphase!

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