Top reasons to deploy a dedicated server

You already know that Google is rewarding websites, which load faster than others. Google has released recent data that suggests that desktop websites are still 1.5x faster than mobile sites.
According to Google this is unacceptable and speed must become a critical metric when designing your site, especially for mobile.
However, speed is often linked to performance. If your current business or enterprise site is still hosted on a shared server, you may be limiting resource expansion and also feeding your customers slow loading pages.
Here are five reasons why you should consider a dedicated server to drive your website and private/public applications:
No Contract Lock-ins
You decide what’s best for your business. Choose from monthly, quarterly or yearly plans to test-drive a new dedicated server or pursue a particular business strategy.
Lots of Bandwidth
Midphase has partnered with high-end connectivity providers to ensure you can run at full capacity. Midphase does not divide your quota between upstream and downstream traffic. Your traffic will never be compromised by shady bandwidth restrictions or policies.
Instant Reboots
You have complete web administrator control to reboot your server in the unlikely event of a hung process or application. You can even lean on our system engineers to do the reboot on your behalf within a 30-minute notification period.
Reliability and Uptime!
Our servers have proven extremely reliable with 99.9% uptime. Should any network downtime occur (as defined in our Terms of Service) on your dedicated server, Midphase would credit you the value of one day of service for every hour that your server is without connectivity.
Plus, you can also pursue custom configurations that match your business profile. Also remember you have full root access to the underlying server giving you maximum, complete control!