Three Ways to Invoice Your Clients Online

Using cloud-based computing software to invoice clients makes it more convenient for freelancers and creative professionals to receive payments for orders and business transactions.
Anyone who keeps track of the expenses and records, from purchase orders, invoices, hourly rates, etc., could benefit from using a simple cloud-based platform.
Here are just three solutions that may benefit your small business.

  1. FreshBooks
  2. FreshBooks is one of the most popular cloud accounting platforms around today, and very easy to use. FreshBooks provides customized invoice and quote estimate/forms that users can modify according to their preferences.
    Users can record expenses and payments, create drafts of future invoices for clients, and see a bird’s eye view of their finances on the dashboard.
    FreshBooks provides external collaboration and supports multiple currencies, payment options, and languages. The New York Times, CNN, CNET, and Forbes are some of the prominent brands that love Freshbooks services.
    Try FreshBooks’ 30-day trial to see how it works. Pricing plan starts from $19.95/month.

  3. Invoicera
  4. Another cloud-based accounting platform is Invoicera, which seeks to simplify all your invoicing tasks with its user-friendly web interface. Invoicera manages all the invoices in a snapshot, and users can keep track of the clients’ payments in one place.
    Users enjoy a plethora of services and features such as time and expense tracking, multiple languages, currencies, and payment gateways. Tech brands such as CNET, Top Design Mag, and Top Ten Reviews love Invoicera’s invoicing solutions.
    Invoicera offers several pricing plans ranging from $0 up to $99.95/month. The free account offers unlimited invoices to a maximum of three clients (and unlimited invoices).

  5. Free Agent
  6. Freelancers will appreciate Free Agent’s stress-free management of invoices. Users can organize expenses or income by project and establish a budget for each project to measure profitability.
    Aside from its cloud computing features, it also functions as a project management tool for remote workers. Users can log in and manage their timesheets while a superior project manager oversees the entire project. It features payroll control for employees but lacks stock control for items.
    Free Agent offers a 30-day trial on all accounts. Their pricing plan starts from $20/month.

Bottom line
Overall, in terms of price, Invoicera wins over the other two platforms. It’s good for startups with 1-3 clients. But if you love rich “cloud” features and a complete accounting platform, FreshBooks is highly recommended.