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Whose names are down and who’s already in, when it comes to the new .la club.

Hundreds of people and businesses have already got their hands on a new .la web address. Web designer Charissa Santos is just one name on the city’s new guestlist.

“I’m an L.A. native and continue to think L.A. is a great city to be rooted in. I liked that the .la domain could express that, and invite people to know something about me,” said Charissa, about her decision to buy a .la domain.

“I’ve gotten a few remarks about the address. Mostly, “I didn’t know you could get one of those!”

“I think my .la address will be good for business. I think the people I’d ideally like to work with see L.A. as a wildly creative place. The mix of culture and people certainly expand the way I see things. It’s also great that the address is so easy to remember and unique.”

Here’s a snapshot of Charissa’s sleek website.

Charissa's site

Charissa is joined in the .la VIP area by

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 To get your own .la address click here, type the website address you want into the domain name finder – for example – and you’ll be given the option to snap it up, if it’s not already been taken.