The Beautiful Web Address Ending

Just in Time for the World Cup, .futbol goes on sale.

Last week, 736 players from 32 teams started the competition for the ‘Copa do Mondo’ or what is better known as the World Cup.
But today, as Germany warm up for their match against Portugal, and Ghana face the United States, Midphase can reveal that it’s scored a goal of its own – we’ve just put the new web address ending .futbol on sale.
The release of the web address couldn’t have been better timed. Right now, you can use a .futbol domain to let the world know which team you want to bring home the 36.5 cm, 6 kg, 18 carat gold, World Cup trophy. This famous golden statue is currently held by Spain, World Cup winners in 2010, and was viewed by 450,000 people during its public tour through the championing country.
To be fair, you could dedicate an entire .futbol website to the trophy itself. The golden masterpiece was created by Silvio Gazzaniga, who was commissioned to create it after officials decided to retire the original Jules Rimet trophy, which was awarded to World Cup winners between 1930 and 1970.
Incidentally, the original Jules Rimet trophy led an exciting life during its 40 years of service. In 1938, Ottorino Barassi hid the golden statue under his bed in a shoebox to stop it from being captured by the Nazis. The foundation then decided to create a replica of the trophy to prevent further mishaps. Subsequently, the replica was stolen during a public exhibition at Westminster Central Hall. After just seven days, the replica was found wrapped in newspaper under a shrub in the suburbs of South London. This discovery was made by a neighborhood dog named Pickles.
The current trophy is engraved with each World Cup winning team. Officials are thinking of retiring the cup once the engraved space is full, which will coincide with the World Cup’s 100-year anniversary – which will give you another reason to get a .futbol web address.
So, whether you are looking to promote your soccer favorites or devote an entire page to the 2014 mascot ‘Fuleco’ the armadillo, .futbol creates an individualized platform for all of your World Cup needs, and then some.
To get your own .futbol web address ending, visit the Midphase website.