Support Tips: Your PIN Number

Your account security is of paramount importance to us. Help us keep your information safe.
Keeping security tight while conducting business online is a serious task. Any information that gets into the wrong hands can be detrimental to your brand and your business. Midphase knows how important it is to keep all information under lock and key.
Clients that allow their login information to become compromised face the realization that outside parties can hold the power to cancel domain names, access privileged information and make major changes to hosting packages and billing arrangements.
Considering the potential risks that could occur if information isn’t kept secure, Midphase has added an additional step to our security procedures; your personal identification number (PIN) will now be required in all support and billing telephone correspondence.
You will be asked for your PIN at the beginning of all support and billing transactions so that we know exactly who we are conducting business with. Be sure that you have accessed your specific PIN before contacting our support teams; this will ensure that the only person who has access to your information is you.
How to locate your PIN number:
Simply follow the below steps to receive your individual PIN:

  1. Log into your account by clicking here.
  2. Select the “Support” icon – which is shown as a circled question mark – in the bottom left corner of your screen.
  3. Find your PIN number displayed in the upper right corner of the page.

Please note there is an option to change your PIN number to a number that will be easier for you to remember. No matter which number you choose, be sure that you do not share the number with anyone else.  
It is now Midphase policy not to make any account changes or release any information whatsoever associated with the account without first receiving your PIN number.
All Midphase staff has been trained to first seek proper verification before making any changes to your account, or resolve any errors such as misnamed files or file restoration from backups. That makes this PIN critical for conducting business with Midphase, so be sure that your number is easily memorized and hard for others to guess.  
We recommend logging into your CHI account now to discover your PIN number at your earliest convenience. Remember you’ll need it for all telephone support queries.

For more information please visit this Knowledgebase article or contact our support team at