Share And Share Alike

There’s a common misconception that dedicated website hosting is the ideal solution for everyone. It’s clearly an indication of success if a company site requires a server all to itself, and there’s no longer a need to share bandwidth or network resources with unrelated companies. Yet in truth, shared hosting is often the best option for small to medium-sized firms…

Spot the difference

The first key point about shared hosting is that website visitors won’t be able to tell the difference. An effectively hosted site should display within the three seconds identified by SEO gurus as the period of time in which audience patience endures. If a page takes any longer than this to display, people start abandoning it. Because HTML content remains the same regardless of how a website is hosted, there are no visual differences between sites on a shared server or sites on their own hard drive. And even if there were, consumers wouldn’t care. The quality of web page content is far more pertinent than where the content originated.
This raises an interesting point because shared servers can be replicated in strategic locations around the world. Conscientious web hosting companies will mirror client data in several locations, ensuring it’ll still be accessible even if one server is momentarily offline. These mirror sites can also pipe data to users in nearby countries or regions; servers in London and Singapore might be primarily responsible for serving European and Asian users respectively. Yet one could also fill in for the other, with only a fractional increase in data transfer times.

The bigger picture

Midphase is part of a global organization called UK2 Group, which was recently voted one of the best five shared hosting providers in an authoritative survey by IT specialists TechRadar. We share UK2’s international network of servers, and we also share the expertise of some seriously qualified IT staff. With decades of know-how in web hosting and server management, Midphase takes pride in handling all the technical and administrative aspects of website management on behalf of our customers. This frees them to concentrate on their own customer service – redesigning websites, adding extra features or promoting products and services. In truth, how many businesses really want to spend peak working hours patching software, resolving security threats or maintaining real-time backups of web content? Even if you could undertake all these essential hosting duties by yourself, would you really want to?
The economies of scale provided by shared hosting enable Midphase to offer substantial cost savings, alongside some serious performance promises. We have a 99.9% website uptime guarantee, with each server site guarded by campus police and biometric access controls. The servers themselves are housed within locked cabinets and monitored by CCTV, while our Utah HQ is situated in a certified disaster safe zone. And although you’ll never know which companies your website is sharing server space with, you’ll be in the best of company – and in the safest of hands.

Partner with Midphase today to benefit from the best in shared hosting.