Online Storage Face-off: SkyDrive vs. Google Drive – Which is Better?

Google Drive vs. SkyDrive
Prominent technology brands, Microsoft and Google, are now offering cloud storage services, making it easier for Internet users to save, upload, and back up files.
We recently reviewed Dropbox against Google Drive in the race for the best storage application and with a combination of Dropbox-like syncing and back-up features, both Google Drive and SkyDrive attract a variety of users. Some prefer the former, others the latter, leaving the rest of us to wonder: Which is better?
We took at a stab at this question by examining some of the key features that users look for in a cloud platform including user interface (UI), simplicity, features and pricing.

Following in the footsteps of Dropbox, which is one of the most popular cloud storage services operating today, Google Drive and Microsoft Drive have similar features when it comes to the user interface.
There’s no doubt that both brands had done their respective research and testing before launching the service, but both products appear as just another folder on your computer that syncs seamlessly with the cloud whenever users apply some changes.
The sync folders are found in Windows Explorer’s folder or Mac’s Finder just like Dropbox, and each offers a simple UI that shows the key file details without overwhelming the user. Each one includes feature lists or thumbnail-style viewing options.
Storage and Price
When it comes to contracts, SkyDrive has an advantage, with its free 7GB storage compared to Google Drive’s 5GB. Plus, veteran users can also upgrade to full 25GB of free space.
SkyDrive’s upgrade options appear cheaper than Google Drive. Unlike Google, Microsoft offers a 50GB plan. When it comes to price, SkyDrive may have the edge over Google Drive:
SkyDrive pricing plans include:

  • FREE account (7GB)
  • $10.00 per year, additional 20GB (27GB)
  • $25.00 per year, additional 50GB (57GB)
  • $50.00 per year, additional 100GB (107GB)

Google Drive pricing plans include:

  • FREE account (5GB)
  • $2.49 per month (25GB)
  • $4.99 per month (100GB)
  • $9.99 per month (200GB)
  • $19.99 per month (400GB)
  • $799.99 per month for 16TB
  • 2TB, $99.99
  • 4TB, $199.99
  • 8TB, $399.99
  • 16TB, $799.99

However, when it comes to storage capacity, Google Drive outshines SkyDrive, which offers a 16 terabyte cloud storage service and caps file uploads at a maximum of 10GB, whereas SkyDrive only goes up to 2GB.
Arguably, a storage capacity of 100 GB should be more than enough for the average user.  Thus, SkyDrive’s cheaper prices and practical storage capacity earn it extra brownie points.
Platform Support
One of the most important features to consider in any cloud-storage service is the ability to sync files across different platforms. SkyDrive and Google Drive offer services to Windows and Mac users and also include an option for Android users.

We’ll put our necks on the line and give SkyDrive the photo finish win over Google Drive! “Really!?” you say? Tell us what you think!