No Prizes for Second Place

When it comes to buying the perfect web address, you need to get in quick…
At the start of the year, a whole new range of web address endings was released onto the Internet as alternatives to the rapidly selling-out .coms and .us’s that have existed since 1985.
Over the past months, everything from .ninja to .guru has gone on sale. Competition for some of the new addresses has been fierce. Winemakers in the Napa Valley, for example, have been fighting tooth and nail over the .wine and .vin web addresses.
And competition for these new web address endings only looks set to get more heated. Industry experts are predicting that it won’t be long before major brands start using their own new web address endings in their marketing. After all, everyone from Walmart and Macy’s to Chanel and Calvin Klein have announced their intentions to get in on the new web address ending act.
That’s why Midphase has just launched its new pre-order campaign. From today, you won’t have to get up earlier than everyone else on the morning the new web address ending of your choice goes on sale. Instead, you can pre-order the web address you’ve got your eye on and Midphase will register it for you on the day it goes on general sale.
More than 50 soon-to-be released new domains are included in Midphase’s pre-order plan. These include geographical addresses like .tokyo and .vegas, industry-orientated addresses like .media and .actor, and quirky addresses like .wtf and .fail.
The full list of new address endings available to preorder through Midphase is shown in the illustration below. To pre-order yours, just visit the domains page of the Midphase website, search for the web address you want and put your name down for it.
Pre order cloud