Midphase Joins Industry Coalition Committed to Internet Growth

Midphase and i2Coalition
Being in one of the top ten most competitive industries isn’t easy and naturally could lead to hard feelings among competitors; however, our industry has come together and formed the Internet Infrastructure Coalition (i2Coalition) to support the “nuts and bolts” of the Internet and ensure persistent growth.
We’re happy to announce today as the inaugural date of the i2Coalition and proud to be one of its founding members. The i2Coalition includes more than 40 infrastructure providers and technology companies all united for the same purpose.
The idea of the organization came about in late 2011 when many of the founding members came together to successfully thwart the suppression of creative ideas etc. from the threats of the Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA). The i2Coalition’s mission and goals are to be a voice and advocate for public policies essential for the growth and free-flow of ideas on the Internet.
As part of the launch, i2Coalition published a video with co-founder and board chair, Chris Dawson, outlining the priorities and mission of the organization. Visit www.i2Coalition.com to view the video.
Along with our fellow i2Coalition colleagues, we support the needs of the Internet infrastructure industry to develop market-based standards to drive innovation, which is crucial for continued growth. We intend to be a unified voice for public policy advocacy and education for the industry.
Working as united group brings strength and i2Coalition is always working to build on the vision to serve the Internet infrastructure industry through new members. Please consider becoming part of the i2Coalition by visiting the membership area to learn more.