Make a Difference As a .democrat

The web address ending .democrat goes on sale next week. Start the party online! Literally.
Take a tour of Barack Obama’s website and it won’t be long before you come across the quote…
‘Change comes about because people are activated, people are involved. When those voices are heard, you can’t stop it.’
And the chance for democrats to get their voices heard gets even bigger next week. At 4pm, on Wednesday, the web address ending .democrat goes on sale on the Internet, giving party supporters and members alike the opportunity to unite on the issues that kept Barack Obama in the White House in 2012.
It’s a chance to show your colour – blue – online, and to raise further awareness of the issues of healthcare, climate, gun violence prevention and women’s rights.
Showing solidarity online is something that the Republican party have already done. At the start of April, the party won approval to take control of .gop. Two months ago, the first wave of internet users started to apply for their official republican party web addresses.
However, the first .gop websites won’t go live until the start of July, so the release of .democrat is your opportunity to pip the party to the post – again. You can get your .democrat web address ending today.
All eyes are on Obama, to see when he gets his .democrat web address. The democrats are proposing the adoption of internet voting in 2016, so there’s a good chance he’ll be buying his soon.
Get your own .democrat web address from the Midphase website from Wednesday. Then come back to the blog to tell us about what you’ve done with your site.