Linux vs. Windows Web Hosting

Midphase offers both Windows and Linux web hosting at an affordable cost and both have their advantages when choosing a hosting plan right for you. While it’s true that Windows web hosting has come a long way since the advent of the web, becoming more stable and feature-rich, web servers running on Linux have traditionally been associated with the ingenuity and grace of the Internet.
The reason for this stems not only from philosophical differences relating to how web hosting companies build and structure marketing packages for small businesses, but also because Linux works extremely well with other software applications that form the backbone of great sites on the Internet.
These include Apache Web Server, MySQL database, and the PHP scripting/programming language.
Collectively they are tied together in the acronym known as LAMP that’s considered the magic quadrants for open-source development on the World Wide Web.
The fact that all four quadrants are free and have a large contributor community is further motivating factors its popularity over the years. That enticing word FREE mentioned above of course means web hosting companies like Midphase can pass on these infrastructural savings to you in the form of lower hosting fees.
Prices as low as $2.95 are now possible, largely because Midphase has grown up on the web using Linux and by association LAMP. This means that since the early days of the Internet their engineering team has been able to tap into a powerful open-source developer community that drives innovation inside Linux Web Server software. By combining free open-source Linux software with a powerful global community of developers, Midphase engineers can release new features quickly and kill any remaining software bugs associated with new releases — almost instantly.
Conversely, Windows hosting (via the Windows OS), has a long and storied career as one of the most popular proprietary packages the world has ever seen. For web developers using ASP this is a great option to consider if you are looking to take advantage of our Windows hosting platform.
For most users our traditional Linux hosting plans will be able to provide all the tools you need to develop your perfect website.
Regardless of which option you choose, the end result is great hosting at a great price, which includes free transfers, uptime guarantees and nightly backups. Also consider the other advantages of Midphase Hosting including free MySQL databases and a free domain name.