Link Building 101

When typing away for your business blog, you should be linking out to relevant pages. Here are the basics you should know before adding links.
Keeping up with your business blog can be taxing. Keeping up with your business blog’s search engine ranking by following current SEO (search engine optimization) trends can be really tough. Major search engines change their algorithms on a regular basis, so knowing how to impress and what you can be penalized for is essential.
An easy way to get an SEO boost is by building credible links to (and from) other sites, or the inclusion of  links within your site and blog posts to other credible sites. Inbound links can provide visibility within search for your site if done correctly but can be disastrous if done poorly.
Below are a few easy dos and don’ts for basic link building success:

  • Link to sites you know to be held in high esteem like educational sites ending in .edu or government sites ending in .gov.
  • Create a sponsorship page to recognize businesses and individuals that help your team.
  • Provide links to forums and blogs related to your industry.
  • Link to any major publisher or respected research organization.
  • Feature direct links to social media sites.
  • Embed YouTube or Vimeo videos.
  • Use journalistic sites to credit your ideas.


  • Sell links on your site.
  • Link to websites that feature objectionable content like pornography, violence or other less than desirable content.
  • Include links to sites with a poor reputation.
  • Risk a penalty for a link you aren’t sure about.
  • Build links to sites that are irrelevant to your brand.
  • Use an excessive amount of links within your site’s pages.

Think of a link as an endorsement or a gold star for the website you are referring to. Including their domain in your content means that you are willing to share their reputation. If you aren’t completely comfortable with this notion it is best to skip the link altogether.

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