How To Ensure Your Website Is Google Visible

Youre starting your own business and your website is ready to go. Youve invested in a professional-looking and well designed website; it has been optimized and has a fast loading time. Great. But now what? How do you get your website seen by Google?
Here some top ways to get your business on Google:
Get a Google Analytics and Search Console Account. You will need to verify ownership of your domain by pasting a snippet of code into your page headers. It is important to note that if you get your developer to do it for you, Google will recognize them as the owner. He or she will then have to grant you permission as a full user. Once your verification is complete, you are set up and ready to start analyzing your data. By creating the Search Console account and entering your domain, you are officially letting Google know your website exists. This is a solid first step.
Submit a Sitemap to Google. In your Search Console account, go to Site Configuration and select Sitemaps. Here you can add the sitemap of your website. This is important as it is a roadmap of your website, showing Google bots how to crawl through it and how it is linked.
Link to Google MyBusiness. Once you have verified the physical location of your business here, you are far more likely to appear in search results and Google maps for searches in your local vicinity.
Register in Local Directories. If your business is local, make a list of all of the online directories available and register your business with all of them. Dont be drawn into the paid listings yet, as you dont need to spend that money at this point. Your chances of coming up in the local listings to a given search term will grow.
Create The First Stream of Traffic. Google tends to reward websites with traffic once it sees that people actually do want to go on your site. Getting your business to appear in Google search results can also be done by emailing the new domain to friends and relatives and asking them to check out your new site. It is also worth advertising your new website on your personal social media accounts, perhaps offering freebies for any constructive comments and thoughts.
Consider AdWords. If youre really eager to get going, and have a small budget available, why not start a Google AdWords campaign? This is a great way to give your website exposure and to start having some random visitors. Of course it needs the right keyword research to be done first, and might need some adjusting along the way.
Create Quality Backlinks. You might decide to write to some local papers, describing yourself and your business and how it impacts the local community. Usually papers are eager for new content and like to showcase local businesses. If they do it online too then Google will associate your website with some quality established sites, which in turn will get your website noticed.
Create Keyword Based Relevant Content. This is the king of any SEO campaign. If you want to know how to get your business on Google, strategic content is the number one answer. First of all you must identify the main keywords and tail end search terms appropriate for your website, then regularly write useful and interesting content around them. As you start doing so, keep an eye on the engagement to be sure these topics are what your readers actually want. You might have to change some of the keywords and the content to satisfy what your readers are craving. Sometimes what we imagine is relevant to our target audience can turn out to be very different.
With these tips you have every chance of being visible to Google. Persist and perfect!