How many website owners switch hosting providers in the United States?

Posted by Clint Reeves

A recent survey put together by Midphase Web Hosting reveals that nearly 80% of all current clients have transferred their website, blog, e-commerce site or content management system from another hosting provider to Midphase.

Wow! That’s a BIG number and these statistics demonstrate four areas an affordable web-hosting provider must dominate in:


Generally, the length of time the web host has been in a business plays a big role.  Midphase for instance has been in business since 2003 – almost 10 years.

Industry recognition from external publications, such as Find My Host and CNET, are also key factors in helping establish the merit and pedigree of a hosting company.  Midphase has one time or another been awarded top billing from these and other rating entities. Finally consider whether the hosting provider is part of a broader group of companies that complement one another in the hosting field. UK2 Group runs and owns an international stable of hosting companies, including Midphase. This means your risk is diversified within a strong, stable parent group, which can push resources and infrastructure when needed, quickly.


If you are paying more than $3 for a shared hosting plan you may be paying too much. Midphase now offers hosting packages as low as $2.95.   Further, affordable plans are available for dedicated servers and virtual private servers (VPS).


An unreliable web hosting platform could impact your website performance and even lose you customers. Midphase offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee across all web server packages.  Also consider the benefits of 24/7 round the clock support.


Unlimited web space, unlimited bandwidth, free domains, website builder tools, WordPress support, and $100 worth of search engine credits are just some of the great features of a stable, reliable, powerful and cheap hosting provider.


Those areas above help explain the growing success of Midphase in attracting customers away from bigger, slower-moving hosting providers.  Midphase will move your website files over to your new hosting account AND get your site up and running completely FREE.   Even if you don’t decide to take up Midphase’s offer of a free website move, use the benchmarks of reputation, price, reliability and features to help you make decide which cheap hosting provider is best for you.

This article was brought to you by Midphase, for shared hosting, cloud servers and 24/7 support visit our site here www.midphase.com

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