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The advantages of .co web addresses for small businesses.

Have you got your business online yet? If not, you’re not alone. According to a national survey by Wakefield Research, a massive 45 percent of small business owners don’t have a presence on the Web. What’s more, the same study showed that 49 percent of the small business owners who did have a virtual home, were unhappy with their website address.

According to Wakefield Research, the problem lies with the .coms. In their study, 46 per cent of small business owners believed that finding a .com web address that reflected them well was like finding a needle in a haystack.

This is where .co comes in. It’s common knowledge that the shadow of a sold-out sign hangs over .com web addresses. The introduction of .co will not only give you more options to choose from, it will also help improve your business’s presence in the online world. Here are the reasons why…

Universal recognition

The .co extension is already known around the world as the abbreviation of company, corporation and commerce. It’s easily recognizable for most people and used in multiple languages and cultures. Several countries already use the term .co in the addresses of their company websites. Think,, and

Your online fingerprint

Since .co is a fairly new domain extension, you can choose a web address that fits your company like a tailored suit. Get your .co web address now and you can get the name you really want, not just the leftovers from .com extension.


The two-letter .co Web address is easy to remember and easy to type, especially for people who use mobile devices and want to use short web addresses when web browsing.


When people visit a website, certain web addresses give authority and legitimacy to a site. Addresses like .edu and .org are hallmarks of respect. .co will work in the same way. It will become a global emblem of business, that doesn’t get lost in a forest of random .com addresses.


One of the most important factors in getting high rankings in SEO is having a URL name that’s relevant to your business and .co will make it easier to buy the web address that’s most correlated with what you do.

To find a .co web address that fits your company like a glove, click here.