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There have always been hotspots for dating. After Sleepless in Seattle, the best dates took place at the top of the Empire State Building. In the wake of When Harry Met Sally, it was Katz’s Deli on the lower east side. Recently, cyberspace has become the place to meet your other half. And, now the web address ending .dating is on sale, the world wide web is only going to get more coupley.
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Online dating may be experiencing its heyday today, but its roots can actually be traced back 20 years. Back at the World Fair in 1964, there was a machine that printed tickets that matched you with another fair-goer. Shortly after the fair, the machine’s innovative concept was taken to IBM, who worked with Harvard developers to create New York’s first computer dating service. This new idea for courting asked customers to pay $5 and to fill out a 100 question multiple choice survey and it matched them with a date. There was a theme in the dating trends of that time – men were searching for attractive women with a slightly lower intellect than their own and women were looking for men with a sense of humor and good job prospects.
Two decades later and digital dating is a two billion dollar industry, which grew by 7.1 percent last year alone. Surveys suggest that up to one-third of all American’s will at one time use a dating website to find that special guy or gal.
Dating mega site, eHarmony, meanwhile, is boasting a meagre 3.8 percent divorce rate among the couples who meet and marry through their application. This fact attests to the overall effectiveness of meeting Mr. or Ms. Right through the web.
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