cPanel Pricing Changes: How You May Be Affected

On June 27, 2019, cPanel, the world’s most popular web hosting control panel, announced a new pricing structure. The internet collectively gasped as criticism spread across social media sites and web forums. Reactions from both providers and users ranged from annoyed to absolutely outraged, and here’s why…

What’s changed

Recently, cPanel was acquired by a venture capitalist tech company, Oakley Capital. Only a few short months later, cPanel announced that rather than adhering to the typical per-server pricing used historically, they would change to a per-user or per-account based pricing structure. For those using a single cPanel account on a single server, the difference would be negligible. However, for those operating thousands of accounts on a single server, the change is nothing short of astronomical.
Previously, cPanel’s per-server pricing included one license at around $45 per month or $425 per year. The license could be shared by any users occupying the server, a number that can easily fluctuate between one and over a thousand users. Now that cPanel has announced that they will bill per-user or per-account, each user on a server will be forced to purchase their own cPanel license. A change that could potentially increase user prices by up to 1000% on servers housing many users.

See cPanel’s new Account Tier pricing above. It’s important to note that the first three tiers are for cloud usage only. Meaning that for shared/dedicated environments, the Premier package is the only option available. Also, notice that accounts in excess of 100 are billed at an additional rate up to 1000 accounts. An additional fee will be applied in accounts beyond 1000.   

How will you be affected?

These changes have caused an uproar because most users in the web hosting industry will soon experience a significant increase in their monthly cPanel bill. Unfortunately, no cPanel user will be unaffected and the price is such that web hosting providers will be forced to pass on at least some of the rate hike onto users. How much exactly depends on your specific web host.
For example, Midphase is doing it’s best to try to mitigate the changes as much as possible. However, it will be impossible to absorb it all. If you have questions about your cPanel monthly fee or anything else pertaining to your Midphase account, be sure to contact our expert technical support team at your earliest convenience. Our techs are available around the clock to answer your questions.

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