Cloud Server Hosting Now Available at Midphase!

Cloud Server Hosting
We are pleased to announce the newest member of the Midphase product family; cloud servers!
Highly focused on usability, Midphase cloud servers are built for everyone and include an easy to use control panel, the same cPanel powered environment that most Midphase clients use today, with full support and configuration provided by our technical team for no additional cost.
In a nutshell, you get a faster, more reliable, website without a steep learning curve.

We might be a little bias but we truly know that you can’t find a cloud server that will make your life easier than this. With the amount of support, easy-to-use control panel, robust hardware, outstanding performance and low prices, we’re offering something unique.
In an industry that’s saturated with competition it’s hard to stand out but we do and this is why; our cloud technology provides a smooth experience for your website by fully segmenting individual cloud servers on redundant hardware. Rather than being hosted on one piece of hardware with multiple users sharing its resources, the Midphase cloud utilizes multiple pieces of hardware with the ability to relocate, or fail-over, to another location at the moment a piece of hardware might begin to fail.
In addition, the resources allocated to your server are yours, and only yours; fully dedicated to your website. As you continue to grow, Midphase cloud servers are scalable, allowing your business to grow in real time by adding resources quickly and efficiently without downtime.
Overseeing the content on your server is easy to do too; accessed through your cPanel powered control panel, while being fully supported by the Midphase support teams who configure, manage and troubleshoot the servers 24 hours a day, your website content has never felt this comfortable.
Midphase cloud servers can be bought for as little as $49.99 a month and come with free Snapshot Backups, custom nameservers and free SSL certificates, as well as the already mentioned control panel licenses. With a 30 day money back guarantee, it represents an excellent hosting product that is sure to get more people into the cloud.
We’d love to hear your comments and/or questions! Please post them in the comments below.