Choosing a Worthy City for HostingCon 2013

HostingCon 2013 Location
One highlight of the web hosting conference calendar is HostingCon, which Midphase recently attended in Boston, Massachusetts, exhibiting a range of shared hosting, and dedicated server packages. Covering a number of topics in the sales, marketing, industry and management areas, HostingCon offers a fantastic opportunity to gain deep insights into datacenter trends and new products coming online in the web hosting arena.
The last conference, for instance included, technical talks on “The Building of PCI and Security Compliance” and “Keeping Out Unwanted Guests – Fighting Malware and Abuse.”
Choosing the city for HostingCon is a major decision, since it usually implies a nod to the underlying technology pedigree of the state and its influence on the web hosting arena.

That said, Austin, Texas has been selected to for HostingCon 2013 with the organizers stating, “it will be held in Austin from June 17-19 at the Austin Convention Center, located in the heart of the Texas Capital—one of the most technologically advanced convention facilities in the country.”
“Austin is also home to the famed South by Southwest conference (SXSW), an annual film, music and interactive conference and festival that draws more than 5,000 tech-savvy attendees,” said HostingCon organizers. “The gigabit-rated convention facility offers communication infrastructure capable of moving voice, video and data at 1 billion bits per second, making it perfectly capable of meeting the capacity demands of HostingCon’s hi-tech attendees.”
Texas has, over the last year or so, has been actively involved in new datacenter projects.
Datacenter Knowledge reported in early 2011, that Cisco Systems had opened a new datacenter in Allen, Texas showcasing a number of energy efficiency features and support for heavy-duty cloud infrastructure.
Cisco Texas Datacenter “The new data center is about 15 miles north of another Cisco facility in Richardson, Texas,” said Datacenter Knowledge. “The two data centers will serve as ‘active-active’ mirrors of one another, providing instant failover in the case of an outage at either location. When data is updated at one of the data centers, the changes are instantly synchronized at the other facility.”
Meanwhile, Xerox was been contracted by the State of Texas to consolidate its datacenters from 28 to two, reportedly worth $848 million.
“The new data center services project will stabilize services for our state agency customers, improve responses to state agency needs and allow visibility into system costs so that agencies can manage their use of services for increased efficiency,” said Datacenter Dynamics.