.Boutique On Sale Now

Stand out from the crowd with a .boutique web address ending…

A recent study by ReferalCandy suggests there are more than 102,000 online retail sites in the USA. And this research only takes into account the ones that make more than $12,000 a year. If all these stores were bricks and mortar, they’d take up a space roughly the same size as Oregon.

With so much competition, it can be difficult to get your share of the attention from customers. Which is why the release of the new web address ending .boutique will come as good news to online retailers.

From 4pm this afternoon, you’ll be able to buy a .boutique web address as an alternative to .com or .us. This new address should act as a fast lane for customers, who will be able to recognize your business as a boutique the instant they see your website address, rather than have to interpret the names of an ocean of .coms and .nets.

Once you’ve got your new web address ending, the web hosting package you choose can also have an effect on the amount of customers you receive online. There are certain products a web hosting company can offer you that will encourage or deter a sale.

Secure Payment

For example, a recent Mastercard study found that the availability of secure payment facilities is critical to 90 per cent of online shoppers. In terms of web hosting, this means it’s important to get a package that includes an SSL certificate. This will protect your customer’s credit card details when they pay for your products online.


Speed is another important factor to online shoppers. In 2009, the technology company Akamai conducted a study into the the way e commerce site performance affects shopper behavior. They discovered that 40 percent of online shoppers will abandon a webpage if it takes more than three seconds to load. Therefore, you need a web hosting company that puts an emphasis on speed. Midphase are in the process of forming a partnership that could send your speeds into overdrive. Keep you eye on the blog for updates.

Go Global

If you’ve got big ambitions for your online boutique, you might also want to think about dedicated server or cloud hosting options. These are a bit pricer than standard web hosting, but they give you more horsepower when it comes to website speed. Cloud hosting is also a good idea for boutiques that intend to sell to customers around the globe. This is because cloud servers can be positioned around the world to bring you closer to your customers.

Get Hooked Up

With Midphase, business web hosting packages that include all the essentials mentioned above cost as little as $7.95 a month. To find out more visit the business hosting page of the Midphase website.

To get your hands on your own .boutique web address ending, meanwhile, visit the domain page.