Big News In gTLDs!

.online has broken almost every first day record in the book.
August 26, 2015 marks a momentous day for generic top level domains (gTLDs), as .online entered General Availability and blew other domains out of the water with over 28,000 registrations in the first thirty minutes of availability.
In .online’s Sunrise period (first availability for trademark holders) eyebrows were raised as the web address ending closed the Early Access Program (EAP) with over 1,130 registrations, also breaking the record for highest number of EAP registrations for any domain extension.
Domains including, and were snatched up with a fury, and the popularity of .online domains only continued to grow throughout the day. The much sought after .online domain is owned by Radix, a company specializing in gTLDs. Radix also owns .press, .space, .host, .website and .site.
*Note- If you click the Radix link you will notice their expert use of a .website domain.
Sandeep Ramchandani, business head at Radix, was quoted in a press release saying:
We are thrilled with the day one performance and delighted to see months of hard work and planning in action. Based on the feedback and the numbers, we strongly believe .online has the potential to be amongst the biggest sellers on Registrars’ storefront.”.
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Other popular gTLDs include .club, .website, .guru and a range of geographic web address endings like .NYC and .London. Much like .website, .online had high expectations due to the popularity and recognition in the word online itself.
For more information about gTLDs and all they offer read this blog post from Midphase.    
Alternatives to the typical .com, .net and .org have become a domain lover’s playground. There are unique web address endings for every niche, hobby and industry around the world. No longer are website owners having to settle for a bog standard .com or for misspellings and abbreviations to find a domain for their new site.
Newly released gTLDs present a great opportunity to:  

Update: September 2nd, 2015 .online now has over 50,000 domains registered and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Join the .online craze by registering today, before someone else does!

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