5 Business Mistakes You Shouldn't Be Making In 2016

In 2016 there’s some stiff competition in the business world. Even the most niche of companies are likely to face several competitors when vying for the attention – and the hard earned cash – of your customers. For this reason there’s not much room for error in today’s business climate; the smallest of mistakes can spell disaster for your business thanks to increased customer power.
Below are 5 mistakes you should definitely avoid making as a business in 2016:

  1. Not optimizing your website to please the search engines

Search engine optimization – or SEO – is a term you’ll hear a lot when doing research on how to build a good website. Optimizing everything from the words on the screen to the way your site visitors navigate the website is essential in today’s online business world; if your website can’t be picked up by search engines then you’re far less likely to attract much traffic.
Do some keyword research around your industry – find out which words or phrases your potential customers are likely to be searching for, then craft your website content around these terms. Be careful not to stuff your content full of these keywords though, because the search engines will recognize that as a form of cheating.
In addition, make sure your website design is optimized to display on both mobile and desktop devices, and that visitors have a clear pathway through your site from landing page to purchase, because the search engines will be looking out for this too.
02. Not having a relatable brand voice
Your brand’s persona should be at the heart of everything you do, so be sure to sit down before you get started on your website and create your brand DNA. Research your target market extensively, and understand what kind of business your chosen demographic usually interacts with; catering your brand voice to your potential customers is a business must. All of your website content should be written with this voice in mind, and it should be consistent over social media channels, email communications, marketing materials and any interaction your customers may have with your contact team.
03. Not having dedicated staff members on social media
Social media is vital for businesses in today’s digital age. If your business isn’t on social then you could be missing out on vital communication from both existing and potential customers. Employing a team or individual to manage your social media accounts is a great idea for any business, as this team can ensure that all communications – both good and bad – are responded to in a timely manner to avoid any PR disasters. Remember, it’s easy for any unhappy customers to defame your brand on social media, so you must be ready to diffuse any online criticism without letting the message spread to other potential customers.
04. Underestimating the power of your competitors
The online marketplace is crowded with competitors, and you should get to know each and every one if you hope to compete and win over customers. Underestimating your competitors could be your business’s downfall. They may not have the most fancy website, but it could be very easy to use and fast to load, or their social media team could be out of this world. Do your utmost to make sure you’re the best option for your customers, because they won’t find it hard to find your products or services elsewhere if your service is below standard.
05. Not nurturing your existing customers to create loyalty
While it’s important to try and attract new customers, the value of a loyal customer is much greater than any one-time purchase made by a chance customer. Connect with your existing customers regularly, and update them on any company news or offers that are exclusive to them. You could even throw in some competitions to give them a chance to get something back in return for their loyalty.