5 Amazing WordPress Websites And The Elements That Make Them Great

In 2005, WordPress was created for anyone who had something to say and needed a website to do so. It requires almost no setup or technical know-how. The design is simple and the user interface is intuitive enough for beginners. Since its launch, WordPress quickly became a world favorite, and currently supports 75 million websites. Because it is an open-source program, anyone and everyone can modify and build upon the WordPress frame, leading to unrestricted creativity and innovation.
Historically, WordPress was used as a brilliant content management system (CMS), and usage was kept to mostly blogging. Now, in 2018,  this is no longer the case. WordPress’s user-friendly dashboard supports a variety of websites from businesses selling products and services to museums showcasing exhibits. Website designers around the globe have discovered that WordPress is much more than a blogging platform and have pushed the limits on what the platform can create.  

Not your average website

In an effort to demonstrate the versatility of WordPress and the thousands of themes available, below you will find five terrific WordPress websites that go beyond your basic blog and the elements that make them so stunning:

#1. Ghost Horses

Ghost Horses is an excellent example of how to give your WordPress website personality and humor. The homepage features a whimsical slide deck that allows you to create your own version of the homepage. The incredibly responsive navigation showcases exactly what this web design company can accomplish. The scrolling pages feature simple social sharing and plenty of white space to keep site visitors engaged.

#2. Angry Birds

With stunning graphics and an incredibly simple navigation strategy, the Angry Birds website demonstrates the power of a WordPress website. It features game downloads as well as pages of animations and a blog to complete the package. WordPress offers the versatility to accomplish a multitude of tasks and the optimization to prevent lag when working with heavy website elements.

#3. Vogue India

This WordPress website features all the sophistication and style you would expect from Vogue. Stunning portfolios and engaging content appear seamlessly on the screen for easy viewing and scrolling. Quick loading times and page optimization demonstrate that Vogue India made the right choice when selecting WordPress for their flawless fashion site.  

#4. Design the Planet

Design the Planet is another website design company that pulls out all the stops to showcase their WordPress talent. A stunning constellation of simple navigation and interactive elements. from shooting stars to an adorable page tab (Baby Come Back!), this site pushes the boundaries of a typical WordPress theme. The open-source software means that you have the power to create anything you can dream up in the universe if WordPress is your website platform.  

#5. Chicago Sun Times

This Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper also chose WordPress to edge out the competition in the journalism industry. As a website whose primary purpose is to inform and create a revenue stream, The Chicago Sun Times demonstrates that both can be accomplished with WordPress. As “The Hardest Working Paper In America” it is easy to see that their website works just as hard. This site is by far the largest in our list, demonstrating that no matter the size, WordPress can achieve the goals you set for your website.
Whether you are looking for a simple blog or portfolio to showcase your business or organization or you are looking to create an internet mammoth, WordPress has the tools, design and themes to make your website a work of art. From stunning graphics to easy-to-stream video, WordPress has been tried and tested around the world to create amazing websites. Beginners and experts alike can utilize the functionality and intuition provided in the WordPress dashboard. So why wait? Start building your masterpiece today with a little help from Midphase.

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