12 of the World's Most Weird and Wonderful Websites

To celebrate the launch of .website we’re sharing the best and strangest websites around…

To get the world pumped up for the release of the .website web address ending here are some of the most entertaining and strangest websites to date.
According to Business Insider, there are 644,275,754 active websites across the globe and those numbers are about to grow exponentially with the release of a new generation of web address endings.
Web addresses no longer have to end in .com, .net, or .uk.co. Anyone can register an address ending in .pink, .press, .luxury, .country…. and the list goes on.
The .website address ending can give you a competitive edge with the memorability and customizability your business is looking for. The .com registration is crowded and over used, take a detour around the .com traffic with a .website designed specifically for your readers.
Did we mention that you can create a .website for anything? There are no geographical restrictions, this web address ending reaches every corner of the globe and is available this week for anything you can dream up.
For inspiration see what these creative, and sometimes crazy, minds came up with for these strange, yet very entertaining websites.
The Jim Carrey One
Everyone loves Jim Carrey, especially Jim Carrey. This wild and whimsical website is definitely worth checking out.
The Cute One
This site’s only goal is to make you say, “aww” and believe me- “aww” was said.
The Nosy One
See the top ten people who have spent the most seconds on this website. Why? I have no idea. But if you want to you can.
The Global One
My favorite of all! On this website you can instantly see a random street on the world via Google Maps. See how the world lives with no rhyme or reason.  Warning: This website WILL distract you for long periods of time.
The Arty One
This beautiful website hypnotizes you as you watch the art transform. Just make sure you turn off the light.
The Graphics One
This is the ultimate mirror within a mirror within a mirror, but the awesome part is: they are all different pictures.
The Ambient One
For those Mondays when all you want to do is curl up and stay in bed.
The One With The Hugs
Hugs! Hugs for everyone! You get a hug, you get a hug, and you get a hug!
The One With The Words
Draw your own story with this web experiment.
The Geographical One
Turn your favorite website into the page you made in the 1990’s. Never has a dancing baby been so refreshing.
The Zen One
This is for those times when you either need to pull your hair out or take a break- I would recommend a break, so here you go!
The Surprise One
If you ever feel like buying “something” this is your site. Give them $10 and they will send you “something”.  Who doesn’t love a surprise?
The Geeky One
Have you ever wanted to hear all the words spoken in Star Wars alphabetically? Yeah I didn’t think so, but now that I mentioned it- isn’t it a great idea?
Find your own silly websites at theuselessweb.com – every click will bring you another useless and entertaining site.
Get started today with your own .website domain – get a couple and let your imagination run wild!