12 Homepage Must-Haves

It can be hard to know how much is too much and what isn’t enough when designing a website. Here is a helpful guide to answer all of your homepage questions.
For a website to be successful it must possess the power to draw people in. In other words, it must load quickly and have the aesthetics to keep visitors interested while convincing them that you are a reputable company with quality sales, services and products. A first impression of your site must be a positive experience or site visitors will quickly click away to greener pastures.
It is estimated that a site visitor makes an assessment of your site in less than three seconds. In those three seconds someone will decide if your site is worth their time and money. This is why quick load times are critical because you only have that three seconds – or less – and if your site isn’t done loading in that time then you can guarantee that your site visitor will move on.
Knowing where to put icons, images and your call to action can help you keep visitors interested, just as choosing colors and themes that are easy on the eyes is important. When registering a domain few people spend much time considering where their headline is going to be and how much content you need to boost your SEO, but believe us – these things are crucial. But these aren’t the only characteristics you need to know about to keep the average site visitor happy.  
Below is a helpful infographic from HubSpot featuring the 12 essential elements for a successful homepage. These helpful tips can help you make informed decisions on the myriad of choices that are presented while designing your website.
12 Critical Elements Every Homepage Must Have
Infographic courtesy of blog.HubSpot.com

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