Shared Server Migration to C7 – UPDATE


We are excited to announce that we will be migrating all of our shared hosting servers over to the C7 data center facility located here in Utah. A schedule of server migration will be updated on the midPhase Status Blog. All moves will be done from 10:00 p.m. MDT through 2:00 a.m. MDT although individual interruptions of service are expected to be around 5 minutes. If you are using 3rd party name servers (not ours) then you will experience an interruption of service until you update your name server with your new ip address.

C7 is a Tier-3 data center which has been constructed with the most advanced and reliable technologies available in the industry. This Teir-3 data center provides the same level of security that you would expect to find with major banking and financial institutions and is located in a designated disaster-safe zone as outlined by FEMA’s National Emergency Management Information System.


C7 Data Center Features:

  • Redundant power sources
  • Multiple network carriers
  • On-site professional staff
  • SAS 70 Type II compliant
  • Tier 3 classification
  • 30”? raised floor
  • Advanced canopy cold row cooling
  • VESDA smoke detection system
  • 24×7 security and digital video surveillance


This data center is located close to our corporate offices and most of our senior level management. We understand the sensitive nature of these moves and are committed to do everything possible to ensure a smooth transition. We feel that this strategic move is the best long term solution for our shared hosting clients.

Director of IT Matt McBride said, “We are excited to bring all of our shared hosting servers here to the C7 Data Center facility. The proximity of C7 to our corporate headquarters will be one additional advantage to better serve our clients and demonstrate our ongoing commitment to them.”

The migration will improve server performance for all of our existing shared hosting clients. We will be using newer server hardware and have the ability to repair hardware issues more rapidly. We will also be using a newer Linux file system that is proven to provide a more stable kernel leading to higher up-time and lower resource utilization.

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20 Responses to “Shared Server Migration to C7 – UPDATE”

  1. Sounds great. I look forward to the migration. Would love two things:

    1. To know an eta LONG BEFORE the migration happens. I would want to ensure backups, etc.

    2. Would love to know the exact linux kernel shared hosting will be on?

    Thanks agin.

  2. Great questions!

    1 – This is our first notification of the move. We will send out more details in the next 2-4 weeks. Due to the complex nature of these moves and the many variables that can impact the timeline we cannot pinpoint a precise date at this time. However, we will provide a 7 day notice and a 3 day reminder prior to the move. I think you are taking excellent steps to ensure you have backups etc… although we do intend for the migration to go without incident. There will be minimal downtime associated with the move that we anticipate will be 30 minutes or much less depending on the size of your website. We are currently testing and working on the best solution that will have the least impact to our clients.

    2 – CentOS 5.5 64 bit, kernel, ext4 file system.

  3. Will you try to make the move in evening so our servers are not down during prime times?

  4. We will do our best to try and minimize the impact to our clients. We realize the impact this will have on your business. There may be some moves that will happen during prime hours but we will minimize this impact as much as we can. We will send out notifications prior to the move to help you plan ahead as much as possible. We are anticipating very little downtime with this move and most clients will be down for minutes.

  5. Sounds great. Thanks for the update. I’ve worked with 3 other hosting companies and you folks continually push improvements. Thanks.

  6. S.Smith,

    Thanks for your kind words. We love being in the business and looking for new ways to improve and give our clients more.

  7. great post, just the kind of information I was looking for

  8. Server performace in the shared web hosting space is crucial. I see many of my static sites experience slow loading times and am concerned… I welcome this migration

  9. Will there be a link for a more precise schedule, by server, soon?

    While much of what I host won’t be negatively affected by a short server outage, a new project I’m about to deploy could suffer since I’ll be actively promoting it with advertising: I can set up a mirror or temporarily divert traffic to a “please check back later” landing page if I know when it will happen.

  10. Does this also impact Windows server hosting?

  11. This is a good way to start 2011. I look forward to it

  12. Just curious.

    Would this migration affect the IP address?

    If so, does that mean we have to repurchase the SSL certification and reinstall it? That means there will be expected downtime?

  13. Eddie,

    We can understand the important nature of your concern. We will send a 7 day notice, followed by a 3 day reminder prior to the move. We anticipate only a few minutes of downtime.

  14. Dennis,

    Yes, this impacts all shared hosting accounts including those on our windows platform. However, dedicated Servers will not be moved.

  15. Thanks Jefferson! We are very excited about the added benefits of this move.

  16. TC,

    Yes, all accounts will receive a new IP address as part of the migrations. With regards to SSL, the certificate should be associated with the domain name and not the IP address. Once DNS is updated SSL should continue to operate just fine.

  17. Hello,

    What is the name of the company that owns C7 Data Center

    Thank you

  18. Thank you for your continued excellent support.

    The last migration did not go well for me. The migrated files were apparently from an old archived data set. I lost the ability to FTP files, and I had problems with ASP support. However, you support staff was able solve most of the issues in a timely fashion.

    With this migration, will my current files be migrated? What impact (downtime) will I experience with FTP and will the same user name and password be migrated.

    Will I be maintaining my windows server support with full ASP privileges? I question this because blogs indicated that the kernel will be LINUX.

    All my domain names reside with RESELL. Thus, will you be adjusting all the name servers including those for URL forwarding?

    Finally, will I receive notification and follow up instructions when the migration has been completed. Also, how can I find out what server hosts my websites. I was originally a customer of Stargate before US2 attained the shared hosting serves.

    My platforms are dynamically interactive college courses with ASP coding to formulated exams and homework. Daily, I have 100 students sending me electronic submissions. A small downtime could be critical.

    Thank you!

  19. My service has been down all night. Website says migration in progress. Pls advise. 7812501240

  20. Well this was a disaster.

    Ten hours after start of migration site still down and no time estiamte of when it will be available.

    No response to support e-mail.

    This was clearly not properly planned. If sites could not be quickly migrated or encountered problems the migration should have been aborted and retored to the existing server.

    The MidPhase web site is still not admitting there are any problems at all, which is frankly dishonest. A blog giving an update on the migration status would at least appraise customers that something is being done.