What Are The Latest Web Design Trends?

Web design is no longer just about creative vision: it concerns keeping Google happy for those precious rankings while simultaneously creating a memorable user experience. So what determines a great-looking site? The web design trends of 2017 are building on last year’s, namely continuing the focus on responsive design, which now demands direct user interfaces as well as some very cool animation.

We’ve picked out some of the hottest trends of 2017 to make your website really stand out:


Mobile First (Responsive Design)

It’s official: the use of mobiles for web browsing has overtaken desktops. This means that all web design needs to be created around the smallest screen size, and must make an impact without its desktop counterpart. The days when you looked at a website on your mobile to then later view it when you get home on a bigger screen are gone. Due to the screen size constraints on a mobile, the design needs to eliminate any unnecessary information. Make your content clear and to the point, whether it’s an image, text or animation. Have a look at some great examples here.


Content remains king, and of course how it is displayed on a site is one of the web design trends we can’t ignore. As obvious as it may seem, we can’t forget that users visit websites for its content, rather than its looks, quirkiness or trend. Users want to find the information they are looking for, and want it depicted clearly. The key is to design in such a way as to let your content shine! Websites are flatter and less intricate, yet dazzle with their content.


It’s the year of big, bold typography! Now’s the time to shout it out to the world. The minimalist, clean web design trends complement bold typography perfectly. What better way to show off your content than with a clear message that’s not drowning in frills and ruffles. Sneak a peek!

Animation (GIFs)

Show off your content simply yet spectacularly with an animation that says it all! A cleverly created GIF can convey your message and include the information you want your users to receive, whilst keeping their attention with a feast for the eyes. This works well on any screen size as the GIF will be the unique feature on the page. Check out some GIF sources here.


Video remains one of the hot web design trends of 2017. With a surge in live video on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, the power of sharing what’s going on right now is becoming more and more popular. We also enjoy short videos, which perhaps convey more information more quickly than reading pages and pages of text. In a few minutes a video will visually depict and storytell your message.

Conversational User Interfaces

Chatting apps such Slack, Facebook Messenger, or WeChat are the popular ones right now! Users are no longer satisfied with just looking, reading, or listening: they want to interact, and receive replies in real time. These users will type a question into the app and expect someone to answer, like right now. The Conversational User Interface (CUI) is extremely popular in China and many businesses will opt straight for a WeChat account, bypassing an app or mobile website all together. We digress slightly, so the lesson for websites is to create flawless user experience or else!


Stock images are convenient and make a great basis for web design, but the trends for 2017 are showing a rise in original photography. More and more designers and websites are creating and exhibiting their own photographs which are original, quirky and personal. These power photos – combined with the stand-out typography we discussed above – make for real impact. Pow!
How to summarize the web design trends of this year? Simple: if you’re in the process of designing a brand new website or redesigning your existing one, make sure these three words come to mind: striking, interactive, and relevant!
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