Vine: Digital Marketing in 6 Seconds!

Twitter’s new video app Vine captured the attention of various brands with launching marketing campaigns with its 6-second video clip. A lot can happen in 6 seconds, and this platform takes marketing efforts to the next level (including generating leads through various viral campaigns).
140 characters of micro blogging had become a norm and now Twitter promotes bite-sized video content to make it even more engaging and brand-friendly.
Here are five creative ways to implement Vine for your online business:

  1. Showcase Products Monica Botkier designs downtown chic accessories and luxury bags for women and its recent Vine post showcases the Valentina mini. In six seconds, it shows what’s inside a woman’s bag with different shots of the bag.
  1. Behind the Scenes in Productions The Glitch Mob, an electronic group from California, posted a video clip of behind-the-scenes production of their upcoming album. This is a good way to engage fans in an upcoming album.
  1. Visual Art The introduction of Vine challenges advertisers on how they can promote their products and services using bite-sized videos that could go viral. Wheat crackers cannot be easily promoted, but with Vine, Wheat Thins put some creative efforts to attract customers with their piece of art by shooting a clip showing crackers spelling out too hashtags during the Super Bowl.
  1. How-to Clip Bacardi UK teaches you how to make rum in its six-second video clip. In six seconds, Bacardi shows how its CubaLibre is best served. While cocktail mixes require detailed instructions with many ingredients, Bacardi made the most out of this Vine post.
  1. Entertain Customers Toyota Spain shifts gears with its entertaining post featuring a man holding a tablet with a miniature Toyota cut out moving from the tablet to the inside of his jacket sleeve, across his body, and coming out on the other side of his sleeve showing the Toyota logo.

Vine is available to Apple devices only.  While other brands remain in the streams of outbound marketing, businesses can make an impact and tell their story in just six seconds with Vine, a perfect example of content marketing!