Top Podcasts For Small Business Owners

Podcasts have become a great resource for learning new ways of creating success for your small business. Here are a few to get you started…
If you are an entrepreneur you most likely know the feeling when you think you are doing something right, but you’re not quite certain. Really, it’s a good feeling – it means you are trying something new. This feeling pretty much sums up what it is to be a small business owner, but there are tools that can help confirm your decisions.
Podcasts are like mentors in your pocket: they contain the answers to questions that small business owners are asking and also offer advice – for free. If you currently own a small business or are thinking about dipping your toe in the sea of entrepreneurial opportunity, here are some podcasts we would recommend for you:

  1. StartUp

Host Alex Blumberg takes listeners through the steps of creating a startup business. From the early stages to locating funding opportunities, he provides helpful tips that can help anyone looking to create a small business.

  1. Startup School Radio

This podcast was created by the minds from Y Combinator, the company behind Dropbox, Airbnb and Stripe. The podcast is hosted by Aaron Harris as he gives listeners practical advice on starting, funding, and so on through interviews with small business successes and failures.

  1. The Pitch

If you like The Shark television show, you will love The Pitch. Similar to its on-air counterpart, The Pitch listens to startup ideas and explains why they would or would not invest in the idea. You will gain a large-scale understanding of what small businesses need to succeed.

  1. Zen Founder

Entrepreneurs need serenity too. This podcast looks at the personal health aspect of small business owners as they prioritize work, family, finances and other major topics. It is hosted by a psychologist and a serial entrepreneur who specialize in stress-related traumas, and in helping people balance their busy lives.

  1. Re/code Decode

This podcast is a must-have for tech entrepreneurs. Get an insider’s view while the host, Kara Swisher, dives into interviews with the biggest and baddest tech founders. You can get advice from the most successful entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley from CEOs who have been there and done that.
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