Three Reasons to Use Bing Search Engine Tags

Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, is mounting a serious challenge to other tech giants like Google and Yahoo.
In a recent infographic published by Search Engine Journal, a visual comparison was shown highlighting U.S. Search activity: Google ranked as number 1, Yahoo number 2, and Bing at the number 3 spot.
A search engine, crawls, analyzes, and indexes billions of web pages on the Internet. But in broader terms, Bing likes to market itself as a decision engine for web browsers or “a faster way to make more informed choices.”

Bing tags, in particular, are useful especially if you want to get noticed and help people find your website, products and services. This forms part of a broader SEO and content marketing strategy.
Here are three great reasons why you should consider using Bing tags:

  1. Better search results on Bing
  2. Bing loves metatags, and adding them to your webpages affects your ranking. Take note the title tags and meta description tags which are displayed as text on search results.
    Aside from that, Bing expands its tags to link your pages to public social profiles. If you want friends to find you, the search engine allows you to decide how you want to look on Bing.
    “Tag search results pages about you – and your friends – so others can easily find you on Bing.”

  3. Show-off a Facebook account
  4. The idea of Bing tag system is that you and other people can tag pages associated with pages that appear on search results. There’s a special tagged area found at the top of the listings that is visible to users who have a Facebook account connected to Bing.
    When you tag yourself to pages on Bing, a message with that tag is posted on your Facebook timeline. Tagging your friends to web pages will post to their timelines.

  5. Full control on pages
  6. Your friends can freely tag you once their Facebook account is connected to Bing. You have a full control of pages that are associated with you. If a friend mistakenly tags you on a page, simply go to Bing sign-in area and see what’s been tagged to you and decide if you want to approve it or not.