The 6 P’s of Successful Blogging


Freelance blog writer Emilie DeCoursey reveals the secrets of blog success…

To run a successful new blog you’re going to need to be well equipped with the right tools including a reliable laptop or desktop computer, a decent camera for taking your own pictures and video, a good sense of your platform of choice and how to edit, add media, alter the font and so forth. But aside from the obvious physical tools required to get started, there are some key blogging habits you’ll want to pick up to create a successful, enduring blog…


Not only will you need a passion for blogging and doing so consistently, but you’ll need to be passionate about your material! Some might decide to start a fashion blog because they’ve seen others have a lot of success posting outfits and shoes and handbags and think, “I can do that, too.” But if you don’t have a passion for fashion, it’s going to be hard to compete, and your readers will sense that you aren’t driven to produce regular posts that showcase the thrill you feel when you find that perfect pair of red pumps.


Building a following, gathering images, establishing a reputation and writing plenty of popular posts takes with time and consistent effort. Don’t throw-in the towel simply because you don’t have thousands of followers in a matter of a month. Re-evaluate your writing style, your subject matter and your design as you go along, but give yourself a chance to build your brand.


Along with patience comes persistence. If you fail at gaining a following don’t give up. Be persistent in your posts and don’t get lazy. Post regularly and make sure you put proper time into each post.


A nice looking blog that looks professional shows that you take your blogging efforts seriously. Be aware of grammar and punctuation, add relevant images and video, and consider branding your blog with a personalized color scheme, header and tabs to take it to the next level.


Your blog shouldn’t just be about you if you want it to be a real success. It’s about the people who read it. What do they want to read and see? Value their comments and ask for suggestions. Consider your audience every step of the way.


Create a presence for yourself on the social media channels that suit your niche. Set up a Facebook page to show off your new creations, a Twitter account to share your political views or an Etsy shop for selling your goods. The point of a strong social media presence is to have various places where you can be found and followed.

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